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"I received great feedback on your presentation material... and without a doubt your passionate delivery... at our Marketing Excellence Lunchtime Seminar series."

...Kenneth Fritz, Global Training Manager, ExxonMobil




For 29 years, Barton Goldenberg, ISM's Founder and President, has been challenging executive audiences on the topic of customer-centric business strategies. He designs and delivers entertaining and informative keynotes, incorporating into each presentation "live" case studies taken from ISM's best-in-class clients.

Whether addressing a national meeting, a board meeting or a user conference, Barton's riveting style, along with in-the-trenches case studies, has made him popular with audiences around the world. Barton's presentations are "targeted to each audience with dead-on accuracy" as he collaborates with the sponsoring organization to tailor the speech for its audience, occasion and messaging requirements to assure there is a relevant, timely and interactive presentation.

Barton frames up his customer-centric business strategy presentations within the people/process/technology paradigm, and references a variety of tools and techniques in support of these strategies including CRM/Social CRM, Big Data Analytics & Insight, Knowledge Communities, Customer Experience, and Channel Optimization. Barton's presentations have been praised by audiences' worldwide, including clients such as AAA, Delta Faucet, Deutsche Bank, ExxonMobil, Ferguson, Giorgio Armani, IBM, Jaguar Land Rover, J.D. Irving, Johnson Controls, Kraft Foods, Macmillan, Marriott, McGraw-Hill, Merck, Nike, Pepsico, Pfizer, Roche, Samsung, Sara Lee, Schlumberger, T. Rowe Price, Zumba Fitness and more.

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BigDataPhenomenaIn this lively excerpt from a presentation in NYC at Direct Marketing News' Summit, Barton describes the role of Big Data in today's connected world. To view this video, please click here

Customer-Centric Presentations

What the "Internet of Everything ...and Things" Means to Your Business

A new trend called the "Internet of Everything" is the new buzz. The first part consists of the infrastructure required to connect all devices - smart phone, tablets, PC, etc. - for real-time communications and analysis. The second part - called the "Internet of Things" - is less about the infrastructure and more about the collection of data from lots of different devices - some even wearable - that in turn get used to engage customers. Using case studies, Barton shows how the "Internet of Everything ...and Things" impact how companies market and sell products and what you can do to resolve the challenges inherent in this new trend.

Customer of the Future: How to Prepare for Success

Social media's many iterations will continue to be integrated into daily business practices. Barton will describe how organizations are creating and sustaining a two-way dialog with customers/prospects, and harvesting "social insight" directly into their sales and marketing efforts. Learn how mobile devices and applications - and new technologies such as gaming - increase sales and marketing productivity and secure increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.
Propel Your Organization to New Heights Using "Big Data" Analysis & Insight
With more and more customer data flowing into every organization, and with the advent of new data analysis tools, now is the time to harness this data to propel your organization to new heights. Barton shares how B2B and B2C companies bring data into their organization, mine the data, and then succinctly present resulting insights to sales, marketing and customer service executives for action.
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