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"Barton and his team at ISM have already demonstrated Social CRM success with clients such as AAA, Marriott, ExxonMobil, and Kraft Foods, so when creating your Social CRM roadmap you'll absolutely want to read The Definitive Guide to Social CRM."

...Bob McLaughlin, Former Sr. VP, McGraw-Hill



Barton Goldenberg founded a pioneering firm, ISM Inc., in 1985, when the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was taking form. As an entrepreneur, futurist, author, and accomplished speaker, he brings real-world experience with clients, including ExxonMobil, Jaguar Land Rover, Johnson Controls, Kraft Foods, Marriott, Schlumberger, T. Rowe Price, and Zumba Fitness, for "in-the-trenches" case studies.

Whether addressing a national conference, a corporate board, or a sales meeting, Barton's riveting style and content is targeted to each audience with dead-on accuracy.

Barton's new book, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM, is getting a lot of attention. To meet this interest, ISM is offering a variety of speaker options:

Board of Directors/Executive Team Briefing - This high-level presentation is customized to your business/audience and objectives. The briefing includes an up-to-date review of Social CRM and how key industry trends impact Social CRM implementation. Each attendee receives a complimentary autographed copy of The Definitive Guide to Social CRM, retailing at $49.95.

Keynote Address - Barton's popular "Customer of the Future" presentation - targeted to annual, sales/marketing, and user conferences is a fast moving presentation that challenges the audience to "look ahead" with confidence - and excitement. Each attendee receives a complimentary copy of The Definitive Guide to Social CRM, retailing at $49.95, and Barton will be available for autographing.

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Contact:Tracey Hoston, Call 301-656-8448 for more information.

Social CRM Book

For an autographed copy of Barton's important new book: The Definitive Guide to Social CRM published by Pearson, order from ISM. Also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and FT Press.

Customer-Centric Presentations

The Definitive Guide to Social CRM: Maximizing Customer Relationships with Social Media to Gain Market Insights, Customers, and Profits

Based on his new book with client case studies, Barton shows how multiple channels come together through a Social CRM framework in which data from public (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and private social communities can be filtered to understand what participants are "saying" about an organization and its product/services. Organizations can then integrate "social insights" into its sales and marketing efforts to more successfully target its sales, marketing, and customer service. This is an eye-opening presentation of how some of the leading companies in the world are "learning" about and reaching their always-on customers.

Customer of the Future: Always on and Always Connected

This fast-paced presentation is an insightful look at how social media, the Internet of Things, mobility and now - Social CRM - are changing the marketing, selling and servicing to today's "always on and always connected" customer. With humor and in the trenches case studies Barton challenges the audience to "look ahead" with confidence - and excitement. (Inquire about the distribution of Barton's new book at your event.)

For other keynote topics, including the Internet of Everything, contact Tracey Hoston at thoston@ismguide or 301-656-8448.

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