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"Barton and his team at ISM have already demonstrated success with clients such as AAA, Marriott, ExxonMobil, and Kraft Foods, so when addressing a strategy for today’s digital world, Barton speaks with knowledge and foresight."

...Bob McLaughlin, Former Sr. VP, McGraw-Hill

"Excellent — the presentation, the audience interaction and the content. A home run."

...Fred Meyer, Executive VP, Innovative Entertainment


Barton Goldenberg founded a pioneering firm, ISM Inc., in 1985, when the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was taking form. As an entrepreneur, futurist, author, and accomplished speaker, he brings real-world experience with clients, including ExxonMobil, Jaguar Land Rover, Johnson Controls, Kraft Foods, Marriott, Schlumberger, T. Rowe Price, and Zumba Fitness, for "in-the-trenches" case studies.

Whether addressing a national conference, a corporate board, or a sales meeting, Barton's riveting style and content is targeted to each audience with dead-on accuracy.

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ISM Digital Strategy


Integrated Customer-Centric Strategy: Thriving in the Digital Deluge

In this thought-provoking keynote, leading author and futurist Barton Goldenberg explains how the deluge of digital information is overwhelming most organizations and proposes a unique and comprehensive solution to deliver deeper customer insight and enhanced engagement. He shows how Data Onboarding tools & processes help organizations seamlessly integrate online (i.e., digital) and offline (i.e., non-digital) customer data into Holistic Customer Profiles; how Big Data Analytics tools & processes derive actionable insights from multifaceted customer data; and how organizations leverage four ‘digital pillars’ – Social Media, Customer Experience, eCommerce, and Emerging Technologies – to improve customer acquisition, retention and growth. The presentation encompasses core ideas from Barton’s forthcoming book, Integrated Customer-Centric Strategy: Your Roadmap to 2030.

Internet of Things: The Next Digital Wave

Barton shares how best-in-class organizations are already focusing on catching the next digital wave. For example, the 9 billion ‘Internet of Things’ connected devices/sensors deployed today will explode to 20+ trillion devices by 2020, and provide large amounts of new and valuable customer insight. Given the staggering speed of digital change, Barton explains how getting your Digital Strategy right has become essential for your organization’s long-term survival.

The Customer of the Future

In this factual and fun look at today and tomorrow’s customer – online, mobile, connected and fickle – Barton shares the facts and the challenges of a consumer easily distracted but demanding personalized, on-time sales and service. He shares how Integrated Customer-Centric Strategies including Social Media, Customer Engagement, eCommerce and Emerging Technologies will lead to increased customer acquisition, retention & growth.

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